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Department of Clinical Pharmacology

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Assoc.Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Markus Zeitlinger

Excellence in clinical trials

We are an international, interdisciplinary clinical research and teaching institution with a strong focus on planning, conducting and evaluating clinical trials. Research and education are strongly linked to each other. We work with both healthy volunteers and patients in a wide variety of study settings.

The studies include all phases of clinical research, from the first application in humans to pivotal registration studies. Accurate monitoring and professional medical care of study participants is particularly important to us. Our work is consistently guided by the highest ethical, scientific and legal standards.

17. January 2024

Measurement of retinal oxygen extraction – a new approach

The Department of Clinical Pharmacology – Section of Ophthalmo-Pharmacology, is thrilled to announce the receipt of a significant grant dedicated to…
09. January 2024

Survey shows skepticism towards generics and biosimilars among healthcare professionals in Vienna

(Vienna, 9 January 2024) A recent study by the Medical University of Vienna sheds light on the perception and knowledge of healthcare professionals…
02. October 2023

PET-imaging. New project launched.

New Project receives funding by FWF: How do drugs that are absorbed by inhalation and are supposed to be effective in asthma or COPD distribute…
10. July 2023

New approach for peritonitis

Current study shows way for the treatment of complicated inflammations after peritoneal dialysis.
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Interdisciplinary, international research

In focus: the human being. With our work, we make a significant contribution to drug safety. Research is an integral part of our daily work - in teaching just as much as in our collaborations with industry and business or our international partners from the academic environment. Our specialised working groups are involved in nationally and internationally funded research projects.

Current research projects

Internationally funded projects Together with international teams, we are constantly working on large-scale projects, often made possible by funding bodies such as the European Commission. More information
Nationally funded projects Our teams are working on a number of projects that, among others, also receive funding from domestic funding bodies like the City of Vienna. More information
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Diploma and doctorate studies

Diploma and doctorate studies

Clinical Pharmacology Vienna offers training opportunities for diploma and doctoral students in the fields of human medicine (N202), applied medical science (UN790) and the PhD programme (N094). More details

Medical specialist training

Within the framework of medical studies, we offer training opportunities to become a medical specialist. More details

Facts on our clinic

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