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Working Groups

Through specialisating into working groups our team is able to focus on their respective area. At the same time, we create a lively exchange and high efficiency within complex projects through flat structures.

As a result, this means much more than clinical trials from phase I to IV: we offer a variety of innovative technologies.

Clinical pharmacokinetics

We investigate the effects of genetic variants and different pathophysiological conditions on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Our main focus is on investigating the distribution process of drugs at the target site. For this purpose, we use various techniques for direct measurement such as PET or microdialysis.

We investigate antibiotic therapies from first-in-human to studies in all infectiological indications.

Cardiovascular pharmacology

We use non-invasive measurement techniques for cardiovascular drug profiling. In addition to the cause-effect principle, our aim is to identify clinical treatment options and consequences, as well as to survey the implementation and effectiveness of drug treatments.

Ophthalmo pharmacology

We focus on research and clinical testing of drugs and medical devices for ocular indications such as glaucoma, dry eye, ocular inflammation, diabetic retinopathy or age-related macular degeneration. Within this we primarily work on early clinical phases.

Haematology and immunology

The group works on testing newly developed drugs in the field of immunology and blood coagulation.

By combining in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo experiments, we gain an integrated insight into pathophysiological processes.

Drug Development and Healthcare

Members of the University Department of Clinical Pharmacology are involved in national and international committees and advisory boards for the transfer of knowledge.