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Department of Clinical Pharmacology

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„We combine academic creativity with highly professional industry standards.“

Assoc.Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Markus Zeitlinger Vorstand Universitätsklinik für Klinische Pharmakologie

Research is key

Our strength lies in complex studies that are both labour-, time- and equipment-intensive. We go far beyond simple standard compatibility and bioequivalence tests. For this, we have a strong team that has worked together for many years and enables smooth working processes.

Our studies include all phases of clinical research: from first-in-human trials to pivotal registration studies. The department serves as an international interdisciplinary clinical research and teaching facility that focuses on the design, conduct and evaluation of clinical trials with healthy volunteers and patients.

Sponsors often say that the academic output is incredibly creative, yet somewhat imprecise. Industrialised research, on the other hand, is usually highly professional - but follows the same patterns. At our university institute, we combine the positive sides of these two worlds.

Our outstanding staff works extremely precise with continouse creative effort when looking for new approaches. Accurate monitoring and professional medical care of study participants are particularly important to us. The patient must remain the focus of clinical research. For this reason our work is always guided by the highest medical, ethical, scientific and legal standards.


Founded in 1992 as an independent department within the Medical University of Vienna, we are located in one of the largest medical centres in Europe: the Vienna General Hospital with 2,200 beds.

For our studies, we care for both patients and healthy volunteers with a capacity of twelve beds, some with the possibility of intensive medical monitoring.

The clinic is one of the most renowned institutes in the field of clinical pharmacology in Europe. We work closely with local, national and international clinical departments and research institutions, industry and regulatory authorities to fulfil our mission.