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Measurement of retinal oxygen extraction – a new approach

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The Department of Clinical Pharmacology – Section of Ophthalmo-Pharmacology, is thrilled to announce the receipt of a significant grant dedicated to advancing research in the measurement of oxygen metabolism in the human retina. This funding, gratefully provided by the FWF - Österreichischer Wissenschaftsfonds, underscores our commitment to improving our understanding of ocular health and push the boundaries of functional imaging of the eye.

The assessment of oxygen metabolism in the human retina has been a major focus of research in the past of the Section of Ophthalmo-Pharmacology and was already founded by two previous FWF projects.

“The grant will enable our team of researchers and PhD students to continue our research to employ cutting-edge technology and innovative methodologies for assessing and monitoring oxygen levels in the retina.”, so Dr. Gerhard Garhöfer, section head of Ophthalmo-Pharmacology at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology. Moreover, this grant represents a pivotal step towards the translation of new imaging methods usually used in basic research into practical applications. “The basic idea and long term-goal is to develop new imaging modalities that allow for the non-invasive risk stratification of patients with ocular and systemic diseases that are associated with altered oxygen metabolism.” explains Dr. Garhöfer.

The project has planned duration of 3 years and will be led by Dr. Doreen Schmidl as PI and supervised by Dr. Gerhard Garhöfer.