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Measurement of retinal oxygen extraction – a new approach

The Department of Clinical Pharmacology – Section of Ophthalmo-Pharmacology, is thrilled to announce the receipt of a significant grant dedicated to…

Survey shows skepticism towards generics and biosimilars among healthcare professionals in Vienna

(Vienna, 9 January 2024) A recent study by the Medical University of Vienna sheds light on the perception and knowledge of healthcare professionals…

PET-imaging. New project launched.

New Project receives funding by FWF: How do drugs that are absorbed by inhalation and are supposed to be effective in asthma or COPD distribute…

New approach for peritonitis

Current study shows way for the treatment of complicated inflammations after peritoneal dialysis.

Milestone achieved

Medicine & Science

First use of novel PET tracer and scanner.

First-In-Class antibiotic NOSO-502

Medicine & Science

EU-Project: GNA NOW

An important milestone has been reached for the GNA NOW Consortium with the completion of the GLP toxicology studies for the…